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Anti-Aging facial. Anti ageing service.


70 min. : $100

Refine and rejuvenate aging and damaged skin on the face and neck. Facial begins with a gentle cleanse, relaxing steam treatment, deep tissue facial massage to help stimulate muscle tone, followed by microdermabrasion on the face and neck to help deepen the product penetration of tightening and toning serums, and finishes with a hydrating mask. Promotes a more youthful appearance.

Deep Cleansing facial, acne facial, relaxing


60 min. : $65

This facial includes a gentle yet thorough cleanse, washing away any excess dirt, oil, and makeup that has been left on the skin, causing clogged pores. Includes a light facial massage, steam treatment, customized mask, and extractions.

European facial. Woman is recieving a relaxing facial.


70 min. : $85

Cleanse and hydrate dull, dry skin on the face and décolleté. Includes a gentle cleansing, exfoliation, delicate massage with steam treatment, one pass of microdermabrasion, hydrating mask, followed by vitamin C treatment. Designed to soften fine lines & wrinkles, give skin a smoother texture, and stimulate cell reproduction. This is the perfect relaxation facial.

24k gold facial, relaxing anti aging facial


60 min.

with microdermabrasion: $85

with dermaplane : $100

Rich in minerals, this facial restores skin tone, cleanses, firms and detoxifies, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This service will completely hydrate and help aid in the recovery of your skin. It keeps skin firm by maintaining collagen and inhibiting the breakdown of elastin.

gentlemens facial. male facial, relaxing


60 min. : $75

Specifically targets clogged pores, sensitivity, and razor burn while promoting total relaxation. This facial includes thorough cleansing, a steam treatment, and deep tissue facial massage. As a final step, a hydrating/healing treatment mask is applied to refine the pores, sooth and condition the skin.

oxygen facial, hydrating, relaxing


70 min. : $115

The Oxygen Facial is designed to replenish the levels of oxygen in your skin and restore a youthful appearance.

Oxygen Treatment will speed up cell turnover rate, promote collagen production, and detoxify the skin. Facial also includes Microdermabrasion Treatment. This facial is perfect to receive before any big event.

hydrofacial, hydrating facial, relaxing


70 min. : $140

with dermaplane : $180

This hydrating facial includes a cleanse, facial massage, and oxygen pore mask. You will then be exfoliated using water and customized serums to leave your skin smooth. Lastly, you will receive an Oxygen Treatment to further hydrate and plump the skin.

micro facial, microdermabrasion, relaxing


60 min. : $85

Rejuvenate dry, flaky skin, with this exfoliating facial! Includes a deep pore cleanse with steam treatment, relaxing facial massage, a full microdermabrasion treatment, followed by a Hydro Jelly Mask.



90 min. : $115

Does your skin need a DEEP cleanse? This facial begins with a Double Cleanse & steam treatment. Next an Ultrasonic Skin Treatment + Extractions are performed, followed by a Microdermabrasion Treatment. Lastly, a customized HydroJelly Mask is applied.

little girl facial, spa, daughter facial

MINI ME (3-11)

50 min. : $45

Our Mini-Me Facial is the perfect treat for your “little princess”. This facial includes a gentle cleanse, light facial massage, followed by a sensitive skin mask, which is then removed with warm towels. Not only will your special girl feel pampered, but she will also begin learning the importance of taking care of her skin.

teen facial, acne

TEEN (12-18)

60 min. : $65

The Teen Facial begins with a double cleanse (using skin appropriate cleansers), steam treatment to open pores, followed by any needed extractions. Lastly, a Clarifying Mask is applied and removed with steam towels. *This Facial can help with persisting pre-teen & teenage skin issues, and/or help to prevent them.


back facial, microdermabrasion, massage


60 min. : $85

It’s a Facial...for your BACK! Includes double cleanse, relaxing back massage with steam treatment, followed by a microdermabrasion treatment. Lastly, a customized mask is applied & removed with steam towels.

back massage, hot stone facial, hot stone massage, relaxing


60 min. : $75

It’s a Facial...for your BACK! Includes a cleanse, relaxing hot stone back massage with steam treatment. Finally, a customized mask is applied & removed with steam towels.

vajacial, brazilian wax


90 min. : $100

Yes- you read that correctly! The Vajacial is a facial for your intimate area that includes thorough cleansing, steam treatment, full Brazilian Wax, followed by HydroJelly Mask & High Frequency Treatment. This facial helps to prevent and reduce ingrown hairs and other irritations. After all we devote to our face and hair, shouldn't we do the same for our most intimate area?


These services are only offered during specific times of the year. For current availability, please call the spa at 423.328.3110!

chocolate cherry facial

Chocolate Covered Cherry, with Dermaplane
90 min. : $100

goji berry facial

Goji Berry
with microdermabrasion: $85
with dermaplane: $100

chocolate facial

Chocolate Luxe European
60 min. : $85

peppermint facial, seasonal, christmas

Peppermint Merry and "Bright"
60 min. : $70

rose facial, floral

Egyptian Rose
with microdermabrasion: $85
with dermaplane: $100

pumpkin spice latte facial, fall, autumn, seasonal

Pumpkin Spice Latte, with Microdermabrasion
60 min. : $85

coconut and lime facial, summer, relaxing, beach

Tropical Coconut & Lime Rejuvenating 
with microdermabrasion: $85
with dermaplane: $100

blackberry facial, brightening facial

Blackberry Brightening
with microdermabrasion: $85
with dermapla
ne: $100

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